Heritage Dress Up Game


Heritage Calculator

This game begins by scanning your family tree and calculating your heritage. Your heritage is calculated using the birth places of your ancestors in the tree. If you were born in England and your father was born in France and your Mother was born in Germany, then your heritage would be calculated as 50% France and 50% Germany.

If instead of being born in France, your father was also born in England, but his parents were born in France and Portugal. Then your heritage would be calculated as 50% German from your mother, 25% France from your paternal grandfather and 25% Portugal from your paternal grandmother.

If multiple relatives were born in the same place, then their percentages are added together. You can click on the chart to see the relative who contributed the most to that heritage.

You can also use the Nationality attribute on a person in your tree to change the calculations. The Nationality attribute is useful for identifying sub-cultures such as Native American tribes where the birth place is not an accurate cultural identifier.

Little Family Tree only uses the local data that it has already downloaded to calculate your heritage. It will become more accurate as more data is automatically synchronized. You can help this along by going to the Tree, I Spy game and expanding your tree up to older relatives.

The heritage calculator is limited to the data in your online family tree. The more accurate and complete your family tree, the more accurate the heritage calculator will be.

Dress Up

After selecting a place from the chart, you can click on the Play! button or on the dress up icon to play a dress up game with the traditional clothes of the heritage you selected.

Drag the clothing onto the doll. The red outline shows you where the clothes should be placed as they are being moved. When all of the clothes are in place you may choose to dress up the doll using clothing from a different heritage.

Clothing for other places and cultures are regularly being added to the game. If you have a request for a particular culture or country, please contact us from the home page and we will give it a higher priority for a future update of the game.

New! Select a skin tone for the dress up dolls by pressing the cartoon face on the top bar menu and then choose a skin tone from the pop-up menu. Change the skin tone at any time during the game.

Tap the home button at any time to return to the Heritage Calculator chart.