Relative Rescue


This activity is designed to reinforce name to picture associations for your relatives in a fun fast-paced game. When the game starts you will see the happy bird standing in a tree surrounded by your relatives on leaves of the tree. Then a grumpy cloud comes along and blows the leaves off of the tree. You may skip this animation sequence and jump right into the game by tapping the arrow button in the bottom right of the screen.

Your role in the game is to rescue your relatives by guiding the flying bird to collect the leaves of your relatives. You may move the bird around the screen by tilting your device in the direction you would like the bird to fly. When a leaf is collected the game will say the name of the relative who was rescued and put them in your rescued collection. If a leaf falls all of the way to the bottom of the screen without being collected by the bird the leaf will turn red and be put in the missed collection. The game ends when you miss three leaves.

Sometimes the grumpy cloud will appear on the side of the screen and blow your bird toward the other edge of the screen. Tilt the device toward the grumpy cloud to compensate for the wind. As you collect more leaves, the new leaves will begin to fall faster making them harder to catch.