Sing-A-Long Game


To access the Sing-A-Long game, tap on the piano in the attic. This game comes with three songs. Each song in this game will help your child learn different facts about their ancestors: names, dates and places, and relationships. Select a song by tapping on one of the song icons below the stage.

"We Are a Family"
Learn names

"Family History is My History"
Learn dates and places

"This Is My Family"
Learn relationships

Select four relatives to place on the stage from the list of relatives on the right. Attributes from these four relatives will be featured in the song. Press the play button at the top of the stage to start the song. Pause the song by tapping the pause button. The reset button will reset the song back to the beginning and return the people from the stage. When the song is finished the people will exit the stage. You will now have the option to choose another song and feature different relatives.

Pressing play without enough people on stage will automatically fill any empty places with relatives from the list. When the list of available relatives gets too low, more people will automatically be added. As with most of the games in Little Family Tree, this game starts with the relatives closest to the player and expands back to earlier generations.

You may turn on or off different instruments in the song by tapping on the instruments below the stage.