Tree, I Spy


Navigating the Tree

This activity presents you with the traditional looking pedigree chart. You can use the pinch gesture to zoom in and out on the tree. Tap the up arrows at the top of the tree to expand up that branch of the tree.

Tapping on any person in the chart will tell you their full name, where and when they were born, and their relationship to you. You will also see icons for the other games in Little Family Tree. Tapping on those icons will take you to that game and use that individual as the central person in that game.

Tree, I Spy

Tap on the tree spy-glass button to activate the I, Spy game. The game will randomly choose a person in the tree and give you a hint about that person. Your job is to try and find that person in the tree. Tap on the spy-glass button again to get another clue.

This game helps children associate names and relationships with their personal family tree.