Relationship Bubbles Game

This game is designed to help children solidify parent-child relationships outside of their immediate family. In the background is a simple family tree structure with spots for a father, mother, and child. Bubbles randomly float around the screen. Three of the bubbles are carrying the pictures of a father, mother, and child. Tap on the bubbles to pop them.

The game will prompt you to find the father, mother, or child in the family by popping the correct bubble. If you pop the correct bubble, then the picture of that person will move to its correct spot in the family structure. If you try to pop an incorrect bubble, it will shake and a buzzing sound will play. When you have correctly popped the people bubbles, the game will be cleared and a new family from your tree will be chosen. In general, the game will start with your immediate family and then move up the tree to parents, grand parents, etc. The game will continue until you choose to end.

For fun, you may add more empty bubbles to the game by squirting soap and adding more water.