Picture Puzzle Game


This game chooses a random picture from your close relatives and cuts it up into a simple puzzle to put back together. Move the pieces around by touching and dragging them to a new place on the screen. When a piece is in the correct place it is no longer movable.

A thumbnail of the completed picture is displayed on the bottom left corner of the screen. Touching this thumbnail will show you what picture looks like with the puzzle is completed. It only remains up while you are touching the thumbnail.

When all of the pieces are in the correct spot, the game will speak the name of the person to whom the picture was attached in the tree and then it will choose a new random picture.

As you complete puzzles, the number of pieces will increase with each new puzzle. This will continue as long as you wish to continue playing. If you leave and come back to the game, it will return to the beginning with only 4 pieces to place.