A mobile app that turns your online family tree into interactive games to teach your child about their family history.

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Little Family Tree is no longer available.

Thank you to all of our fans who have shown so much support for Little Family Tree over the last few years!!

Unfortunately, in 2019, FamilySearch required 3rd party apps to pay a fee for API access. We understand their decision, but this left us with the difficult decision to pay the fee or discontinue the app.

After careful consideration, and with sad hearts, we have decided not to continue offering the Little Family tree App.

This also means that your current installation of the Little Famly Tree app will no longer be able to login or access your FamilySearch account. We will offer refunds for anyone who recently purchased the premium upgrade according to your device's app store policies.

We still strongly believe that children should be engaged in their personal family history, and hope you will continue to teach your children who they are and where they came from.

--John Finlay
President, Little Family Tree






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